5 Tips For Better Skin

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According to statistics, 80% of people ages 11-30 have had problems with their skin; ie. breakouts, oiliness, dryness etc. at one point in their lives. It’s not fun to deal with, and can majorly effect anyone’s self-esteem! I’m currently attending school in the field of esthetics, so I’ll give you the best tips and tricks to achieving that desired, radiant look.

  1. Bottoms up.
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We all need to hydrate our bodies because after all, we are made up of about 60% of water! I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t drink nearly as much as I should. Experts say that the average person should drink up to 8 oz glasses a day. Not only does it flush your body of all the toxins, but it adds a nice glow to your complexion and will help keep acne at bay. Tip: To add nutrients and flavour, put some fruit or veggies in there.

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2. Wear SPF every single day.

Did you know that 90% of aging is caused by the sun? Doesn’t matter whether you live in California or Antarctica, you need to put on SPF every single day. Sorry to burst your bubble honey, but the UB and UV rays are still out to get ya when it’s gray out. They are strong enough to penetrate through the clouds. Same concept, the rays are still totally out to get you in the winter. Cold weather won’t affect the sun’s ability to damage your skin. The rays even reflect off of the snow, giving the same effect as swimming in the water in the summer which attracts more rays. So slather up, babe.

MISSHA Waterproof Sun Milk

3. Stop picking!

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I get it, I get it. There’s this huge zit that you just can’t wait to pop. However, if done incorrectly it can lead to scaring, hyper pigmentation, and promote even more to show up. To help avoid picking, invest in these pimple patches to put on the infected area, and it will reduce redness and size quickly.

Acne Pimple Master Patch

4. Find a routine that works for you, and stick with it.

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You should wash your face every morning and every night followed with a routine that fits best with your skin type. Whether it’s a 5-step, 7-step, or even 10-step, stick to it every morning and night. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you look half your age by the time you get old!

5. See a licensed esthetician and/or dermatologist.

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Skincare is an investment. Estheticians can better improve your skin because they are trained to notice and treat any areas with abnormalities or impurities. Plus, the massages and facials feel very luxurious and relaxing. Dermatologists are more on the medical field and deal with deeper issues in the skin that aren’t in the esthetician’s scope of practice. For instance severe acne, cystic acne, skin cancer, etc. Find one that you feel comfortable with and go out there and get your glow on.

Xo, Rachel.

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