The Difference Between “Let It Go” and “Letting Go”


You know when someone does or says something that completely ruins your whole day? Whether it’s your colleague, best friend, spouse, or parent, we’ve all been there. Your blood is boiling. You find it difficult to concentrate at work. When you should be filing documents, instead your mind is playing out scenarios of what you should have said back to them to really give them a taste of their own medicine!

This is a perfect example of when you need to let it go. Holding on to silly things that only steal your joy and ruin your day isn’t worth it! Also, it’s a waste of energy! I get it, it’s not easy to avoid the feeling of anger or resentment sometimes, but if you learn how to forgive and move on, your life will be 10x better- promise!

The harsh reality is that people are going to be people no matter what, so you have to just learn to let it go. Trust me, your well-being will thank you for it!


On a different note, you know that person you know in your heart you should be with, but it seems like nothing is happening? You get all dressed up, accentuate your best features, follow all the flirting tips from Cosmo, but still nothing happens! That’s when you need to let go. Now here’s the deal, letting go doesn’t mean you’re giving up. I’m still a firm believer that what is meant to be yours in this life will be yours when the time is right. However, you can’t force anything, it has to come naturally. So whether it’s a person, opportunity, job position, etc.. you need to surrender that desire in your heart up to whomever you trust in. For me, it’s God.

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A lot of things in life I’ve had to let go of. Some still have deep roots within my heart, but they don’t keep me from living my life and moving forward to whatever season or direction I need to be in. If you can’t stand the idea of letting go, I totally get it. When great frustrations come my way and there’s no clarity, I try my best to surrender it to God and ask for guidance and clarity. I imagine my life as a Rubik’s Cube that I throw up to heaven and say, “Please sort this out, show me how it should look, then send it back down.”

That being said, it’s important to practice both of these methods. Truth.. letting go of something you truly care about can be agonizingly painful, but you have to do it. The only things to hold onto are love, hope, and your beliefs. Know that you have great purpose. Though sometimes you may not be where you need to be, you’re surely not where you used to be. Keep growing.

~ Xo, Rachel.

Author: remtique

Vibes don't lie, keep em' positive.

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