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This quote alone convinces me that everyone is on a journey, and how breathtaking it would be to relate to someone else’s! Life is both beautiful and messy at times; so we need each other for support, encouragement, and companionship. Now I’m not saying we all have to gather around a campfire singing Kumbaya, but can you imagine the lives that could be touched and impacted just by reading one story or article? If there’s any chance I could have the opportunity to impact someone’s life in a positive way, you best believe I’m all over that!

I enjoy sharing life stories, faith, fashion, skincare, and much more! It’s no accident you’re here, so know that many beautiful destinations are heading your way!


Beauty Within


Because we’re all recovering from something.

Waiting for Your Boaz

Relentlessly Pursuing God in Every Season

The Mango Edit

Chronicling the world of skincare, makeup and everything else muggle.

Savor the Essence of Life

Daily soaking up everything that the love of my Lord, husband, children, and the wonderful life that accompanies it has to offer.

The Self-Helpful

Dedicated to psychological, physical, and spiritual wellness. We’re all hunting for happy, and we all need a little help.


memoirs of aly (the way i see it).


I am FREE! John 8:36

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