What It’s Like Moving Half-Way Across the Country At 18

I remember my mom telling me stories about how she would come home from work only to hear the sound of a six-year-old me stomping around the kitchen in her high heels that barely fit around my feet. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always trying to grow up too fast. I mean for goodness sake, at five years old I had already been talking about how I would meet my prince soon and get married! And I meant it too. Needless to say, my head was always in the clouds, and my heels were going in whichever direction they pleased.

Leaving a familiar, comfortable place and venturing out into the great unknown is something I’m very accustomed to – and something I actually enjoy! It’s funny because I’ve lived in the same house all of these years growing up, yet I was moving all of the time! For example – I’ve been to two different grade schools, and three different high schools all because I was either curious or bored. The first was a private school, the other a school for performing arts, and lastly a good old public school. The ability I had to adapt easily to new changes and circumstances played a very pivotal role in preparing me for what was coming my way.

Minnesota is my home state, but I knew ever since fifth grade what I would do after high school, and exactly where I would be. I told all of my elementary buddies that I was moving to California to study fashion design. Not a single one of them believed me, until the summer of 2016! I had just turned 18 a couple of months prior, and I was beyond ready to get the heck out of that place and be on my own! I graduated High School on June 8th, and moved to Los Angeles June 24th.

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I found it absolutely hysterical when people were shocked and appalled that nobody in my family was moving with me, because I was “way too young and naive to be on my own.” To their surprise, I survived. I arrived knowing absolutely nobody in Los Angeles, and I loved it! Even my roommates were randomly assigned to me by the school I was attending, so I didn’t even have a choice to be with someone whether I knew them or not!

I remember taking hours of walks in places where I had no idea where I was going, let alone how I would get back to my own apartment! From wealthy neighborhoods to skid row, ocean to mountain, you can believe that I saw a great deal of it! I would take random train rides to cities and beaches I never knew existed – and to my surprise I always found my way back home without a GPS! Can I get an award or something?

Needless to say, It was one of the most beautiful, nerve-wracking, and exhilarating experiences I’ve had. Yes, I missed my friends and family like crazy, but I did manage to make new members on my own as well! Were there times I felt alone? Of course! But I’ve never been afraid of just me, myself, and I. Sometimes you need to travel to new places to find out what you really want in this life, and sometimes it’s best if you do it alone.

~ Xo, Rachel.

The Difference Between “Let It Go” and “Letting Go”


You know when someone does or says something that completely ruins your whole day? Whether it’s your colleague, best friend, spouse, or parent, we’ve all been there. Your blood is boiling. You find it difficult to concentrate at work. When you should be filing documents, instead your mind is playing out scenarios of what you should have said back to them to really give them a taste of their own medicine!

This is a perfect example of when you need to let it go. Holding on to silly things that only steal your joy and ruin your day isn’t worth it! Also, it’s a waste of energy! I get it, it’s not easy to avoid the feeling of anger or resentment sometimes, but if you learn how to forgive and move on, your life will be 10x better- promise!

The harsh reality is that people are going to be people no matter what, so you have to just learn to let it go. Trust me, your well-being will thank you for it!


On a different note, you know that person you know in your heart you should be with, but it seems like nothing is happening? You get all dressed up, accentuate your best features, follow all the flirting tips from Cosmo, but still nothing happens! That’s when you need to let go. Now here’s the deal, letting go doesn’t mean you’re giving up. I’m still a firm believer that what is meant to be yours in this life will be yours when the time is right. However, you can’t force anything, it has to come naturally. So whether it’s a person, opportunity, job position, etc.. you need to surrender that desire in your heart up to whomever you trust in. For me, it’s God.

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A lot of things in life I’ve had to let go of. Some still have deep roots within my heart, but they don’t keep me from living my life and moving forward to whatever season or direction I need to be in. If you can’t stand the idea of letting go, I totally get it. When great frustrations come my way and there’s no clarity, I try my best to surrender it to God and ask for guidance and clarity. I imagine my life as a Rubik’s Cube that I throw up to heaven and say, “Please sort this out, show me how it should look, then send it back down.”

That being said, it’s important to practice both of these methods. Truth.. letting go of something you truly care about can be agonizingly painful, but you have to do it. The only things to hold onto are love, hope, and your beliefs. Know that you have great purpose. Though sometimes you may not be where you need to be, you’re surely not where you used to be. Keep growing.

~ Xo, Rachel.

5 Tips For Better Skin

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According to statistics, 80% of people ages 11-30 have had problems with their skin; ie. breakouts, oiliness, dryness etc. at one point in their lives. It’s not fun to deal with, and can majorly effect anyone’s self-esteem! I’m currently attending school in the field of esthetics, so I’ll give you the best tips and tricks to achieving that desired, radiant look.

  1. Bottoms up.
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We all need to hydrate our bodies because after all, we are made up of about 60% of water! I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t drink nearly as much as I should. Experts say that the average person should drink up to 8 oz glasses a day. Not only does it flush your body of all the toxins, but it adds a nice glow to your complexion and will help keep acne at bay. Tip: To add nutrients and flavour, put some fruit or veggies in there.

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2. Wear SPF every single day.

Did you know that 90% of aging is caused by the sun? Doesn’t matter whether you live in California or Antarctica, you need to put on SPF every single day. Sorry to burst your bubble honey, but the UB and UV rays are still out to get ya when it’s gray out. They are strong enough to penetrate through the clouds. Same concept, the rays are still totally out to get you in the winter. Cold weather won’t affect the sun’s ability to damage your skin. The rays even reflect off of the snow, giving the same effect as swimming in the water in the summer which attracts more rays. So slather up, babe.

MISSHA Waterproof Sun Milk

3. Stop picking!

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I get it, I get it. There’s this huge zit that you just can’t wait to pop. However, if done incorrectly it can lead to scaring, hyper pigmentation, and promote even more to show up. To help avoid picking, invest in these pimple patches to put on the infected area, and it will reduce redness and size quickly.

Acne Pimple Master Patch

4. Find a routine that works for you, and stick with it.

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You should wash your face every morning and every night followed with a routine that fits best with your skin type. Whether it’s a 5-step, 7-step, or even 10-step, stick to it every morning and night. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you look half your age by the time you get old!

5. See a licensed esthetician and/or dermatologist.

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Skincare is an investment. Estheticians can better improve your skin because they are trained to notice and treat any areas with abnormalities or impurities. Plus, the massages and facials feel very luxurious and relaxing. Dermatologists are more on the medical field and deal with deeper issues in the skin that aren’t in the esthetician’s scope of practice. For instance severe acne, cystic acne, skin cancer, etc. Find one that you feel comfortable with and go out there and get your glow on.

Xo, Rachel.

The Time I Stole My Friend’s Man

Everything was perfect. I had just made a new friend in the school I was attending at the time. Before I knew it, we were taking road trips to her beautiful house that was a few hours outside of LA. Music blasting, sunsets setting, the mesmerizing ocean, mountains, it was dope! I was looking for a new church to go to, and she went to one in Hollywood called Mosaic. I had heard of it before, but never went. She invited me to go with her one Sunday!

Since the day we became friends, she had been talking forever about a guy she was crazy about ever since she was young! I’m talking years of liking him guys, not just a random new boy in town. He was a long-time family friend, and I told her to tell him how she felt since they knew each other so well! She didn’t tell him, but I still hoped that somehow things would work out for them.

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We went to an evening service one Sunday at the church, and the guy that she liked met us there with a few of his buddies. He was really sweet, such a great guy. I purposely sat on the end of the row so that they would sit together. I know, I know, kind of dumb but I’m a hopeless romantic like that okay, let me live my life. After the service, we went to a pizza place next door because honestly what’s more romantic than pizza? Nuthin!

The guy she liked was cool, but very quiet! She was quiet as well that night to my surprise! I talked with everyone there, and apparently impressed all of the guys with how much pizza I ate that night. Listen ya’ll, I was really hungry okay, so If a guy offers me his piece you best believe imma be all over dat! Is that an attractive quality or something? I don’t know, regardless we were all having a great time and I thought things were going really well! Boy was I ever wrong.

After that night I hadn’t heard from her in a while, so I shot her a text. One day later- no response. Two days- no response. I began to wonder if everything was alright, because we would normally text all of the time! I gave it at least one week, then tried reaching out again only for her to tell me that we were no longer friends. No real reason or answer behind it, just that it wasn’t “working out.” Which made absolutely no sense, because we were such good friends!

I was confused more than ever, but I just let it be. About six months later- the summer of 2017, I was on summer break back in my hometown, Minneapolis. One morning I received a text from a number I didn’t recognize. In this text was a very detailed, and poetic paragraph of how much affection and admiration this person texting had for me. I didn’t know who it was at first, then at the end of the text he wrote his name as if he were signing a letter. It was the guy my friend liked. She gave my number to him, and he told me he hadn’t stopped thinking about me ever since we met.

Well… I finally got my answer! I felt absolutely horrible. I honestly loved her as a friend, and had no intention whatsoever of that happening. The lesson here? Don’t eat too much pizza in front of a guy, or you might just make him fall in love with you.

~ Xo, Rachel.

Thinking About Getting A Brazilian Wax? Here’s What You Should Know

Disclaimer!! – If anyone is shy or leans more on the prude side when it comes to talking about the body, this one probably isn’t for you. I could easily talk all day about subjects like this, but I’ll try to keep it short for you! No pun intended.

So let’s get to it! Ladies, I’m a firm believer that keeping your lady parts clean and neat is not only more hygienic, but an important ritual for your overall health. When it comes to waxing particularly, it’s best to keep hair at most the length of a grain of rice, or even a bit shorter, but not too short! The longer it is, greater the pain will be when the wax comes off, and If it’s too short, it could cause the hair to break whilst waxing.

First time? What you need to know.

1. Sorry sis, but the first time will most likely hurt. Like a lot. 

Everyone’s pain tolerance varies when it comes to hair removal process. While some women are clutching the bed shaking and can’t wait for it to be over with, others are reading a magazine or checking their phones. The more you do it, the less it will hurt.

2. The more often you receive this treatment, the less hair will grow back.

Not only does the pain decrease over time, but so does the hair. How great is that?! You know what they say, not a desert but not a forest? Well this treatment will most likely give you the perfect balance over time, but to those who prefer a desert or forest, all power to ya!

3. Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate!

Guys. This step is so important I can’t stress it enough. When it comes to any part of the body that’s being waxed, exfoliating beforehand is the best way to ensure a clean pull, no broken hairs, and no ingrown hairs! Those can be very painful, so be sure to use a nice scrub or exfoliating glove before and after the treatment. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Hi Bye Vita Peel Exfoliating Scrub

4. Don’t be shy, speak up!

This is such an important lesson in life for literally anything. If the process is far too painful for you to bare, please for the love of God say something. It could be that the hair is too long or your pain tolerance isn’t as strong as you thought. And that’s okay! The person who is giving the service wants you to feel as safe and comfortable as humanly possible, but they’ll never know how you’re doing if you don’t speak up.

5. Invest in the right products.

Did you know that regular soap you buy from Target or Walgreens can throw off the PH balance in your skin? Yep. Especially in that lovely area. Regular soaps will get the job done when it comes to cleaning up, but it also causes the vagina to be more odorous (not the natural odor btw!) due to the antiseptics and fragrances in the soap, which may not be so nice for you or your s/o. So, I highly recommend you use a more mild soap that was designed for that special area.

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~ Xo, Rachel.

The Goldfish With Purple Sprinkles

I grew up in a strong Christian home. At the age of four I was in love with God so much so that I would walk up to any stranger and ask, “Do you love Jesus?” I grew up with the understanding that God loves us and definitely has direction and plans for our lives. We just have to be still and listen. I was eager to hear His voice. I was waiting for a loud thundering noise to come down from above, but instead it was the opposite! It was quite subtle, yet hit me straight in the face. God can speak to us through many ways. Through confirmations, events, people, and literally anything that gets our attention.

This is a story I vividly remember like it was yesterday! It all began back in sixth grade. I was on the way to my best friend’s house, and in the car I had a strange daydream/vision that I couldn’t understand. In it was a fish in a glass bowl on a table with purple sparkles of some sort. I arrived to her house, and to my surprise there was a carnival going on a couple blocks from the house!

We walked over and ended up playing a game where you get three chances to throw a ball into several columns of cups. Each cup had something different inside of it for a prize. First shot, missed. Second shot, missed. Third shot, SCORE! I had no idea what was in the cup. Turns out, it was a live goldfish in water. I mean, they were pretty big cups… but a goldfish? Alright then.

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… Darla! Sorry, had to.

The man in charge of the game put the goldfish in a plastic bag for me to take home. We walked in the door and the first thing her mom said was, “LOOK! A.. goldfish?” She gave a puzzled look on her face, because why would I bring home a goldfish? Nevertheless she brought out a glass bowl to put the fish in, and set it on the kitchen table. Incidentally she had been working on a craft of some sort, and thought it might make it fun to add a little something to the bowl. Can you guess what it was? Yep. She sprinkled purple glitter in it.

So, what was the point of all of this? Well, just like soldiers need years of training before they step out to the real battlefield, so often does our sensitivity to God’s voice need training. I believe He was preparing and teaching me how to hear by using something as ludicrous or meaningless as a goldfish in a bowl with purple sprinkles. Now if this story sounds bazaar to you, believe me.. there are plenty more where that came from! ❤️

~ Xo, Rachel.

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Cheers, To New Beginnings

Well, here’s to a brand new year. Whip out a sheet mask, raise your champagne glass, and thank GOD that 2018 is finally over. We’re already on our second month and it just keeps on going faster than ever! With a new year comes new experiences, new people to walk into your life, new opportunities to knock on your door, and another chance to better yourself. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about refining and bettering myself to be the best version of me as possible. So if you like the sound of that, then you’re definitely in for a treat! I absolutely love to share my own life experiences and stories as well as give you the latest news on skincare, wellness, style, and much more. Stay tuned,

~ Xo, Rachel.

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