Thinking About Getting A Brazilian Wax? Here’s What You Should Know

Disclaimer!! – If anyone is shy or leans more on the prude side when it comes to talking about the body, this one probably isn’t for you. I could easily talk all day about subjects like this, but I’ll try to keep it short for you! No pun intended.

So let’s get to it! Ladies, I’m a firm believer that keeping your lady parts clean and neat is not only more hygienic, but an important ritual for your overall health. When it comes to waxing particularly, it’s best to keep hair at most the length of a grain of rice, or even a bit shorter, but not too short! The longer it is, greater the pain will be when the wax comes off, and If it’s too short, it could cause the hair to break whilst waxing.

First time? What you need to know.

1. Sorry sis, but the first time will most likely hurt. Like a lot. 

Everyone’s pain tolerance varies when it comes to hair removal process. While some women are clutching the bed shaking and can’t wait for it to be over with, others are reading a magazine or checking their phones. The more you do it, the less it will hurt.

2. The more often you receive this treatment, the less hair will grow back.

Not only does the pain decrease over time, but so does the hair. How great is that?! You know what they say, not a desert but not a forest? Well this treatment will most likely give you the perfect balance over time, but to those who prefer a desert or forest, all power to ya!

3. Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate!

Guys. This step is so important I can’t stress it enough. When it comes to any part of the body that’s being waxed, exfoliating beforehand is the best way to ensure a clean pull, no broken hairs, and no ingrown hairs! Those can be very painful, so be sure to use a nice scrub or exfoliating glove before and after the treatment. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Hi Bye Vita Peel Exfoliating Scrub

4. Don’t be shy, speak up!

This is such an important lesson in life for literally anything. If the process is far too painful for you to bare, please for the love of God say something. It could be that the hair is too long or your pain tolerance isn’t as strong as you thought. And that’s okay! The person who is giving the service wants you to feel as safe and comfortable as humanly possible, but they’ll never know how you’re doing if you don’t speak up.

5. Invest in the right products.

Did you know that regular soap you buy from Target or Walgreens can throw off the PH balance in your skin? Yep. Especially in that lovely area. Regular soaps will get the job done when it comes to cleaning up, but it also causes the vagina to be more odorous (not the natural odor btw!) due to the antiseptics and fragrances in the soap, which may not be so nice for you or your s/o. So, I highly recommend you use a more mild soap that was designed for that special area.

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~ Xo, Rachel.

The Goldfish With Purple Sprinkles

I grew up in a strong Christian home. At the age of four I was in love with God so much so that I would walk up to any stranger and ask, “Do you love Jesus?” I grew up with the understanding that God loves us and definitely has direction and plans for our lives. We just have to be still and listen. I was eager to hear His voice. I was waiting for a loud thundering noise to come down from above, but instead it was the opposite! It was quite subtle, yet hit me straight in the face. God can speak to us through many ways. Through confirmations, events, people, and literally anything that gets our attention.

This is a story I vividly remember like it was yesterday! It all began back in sixth grade. I was on the way to my best friend’s house, and in the car I had a strange daydream/vision that I couldn’t understand. In it was a fish in a glass bowl on a table with purple sparkles of some sort. I arrived to her house, and to my surprise there was a carnival going on a couple blocks from the house!

We walked over and ended up playing a game where you get three chances to throw a ball into several columns of cups. Each cup had something different inside of it for a prize. First shot, missed. Second shot, missed. Third shot, SCORE! I had no idea what was in the cup. Turns out, it was a live goldfish in water. I mean, they were pretty big cups… but a goldfish? Alright then.

Image result for finding nemo darla
… Darla! Sorry, had to.

The man in charge of the game put the goldfish in a plastic bag for me to take home. We walked in the door and the first thing her mom said was, “LOOK! A.. goldfish?” She gave a puzzled look on her face, because why would I bring home a goldfish? Nevertheless she brought out a glass bowl to put the fish in, and set it on the kitchen table. Incidentally she had been working on a craft of some sort, and thought it might make it fun to add a little something to the bowl. Can you guess what it was? Yep. She sprinkled purple glitter in it.

So, what was the point of all of this? Well, just like soldiers need years of training before they step out to the real battlefield, so often does our sensitivity to God’s voice need training. I believe He was preparing and teaching me how to hear by using something as ludicrous or meaningless as a goldfish in a bowl with purple sprinkles. Now if this story sounds bazaar to you, believe me.. there are plenty more where that came from! ❤️

~ Xo, Rachel.

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Cheers, To New Beginnings

Well, here’s to a brand new year. Whip out a sheet mask, raise your champagne glass, and thank GOD that 2018 is finally over. We’re already on our second month and it just keeps on going faster than ever! With a new year comes new experiences, new people to walk into your life, new opportunities to knock on your door, and another chance to better yourself. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about refining and bettering myself to be the best version of me as possible. So if you like the sound of that, then you’re definitely in for a treat! I absolutely love to share my own life experiences and stories as well as give you the latest news on skincare, wellness, style, and much more. Stay tuned,

~ Xo, Rachel.

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